TMS Lighting - Bespoke Design and Custom Manufacturing - since 1923

We recognize that decorative lighting, by its very nature, needs to harmonize with the architectural vision of the designer. The right luminaire should provide the crowning touch to interior and exterior spaces, providing appropriate illumination, aesthetics and impact.

While standard products often come close, increasing numbers of concepts require a bespoke design and special manufacturing in order to be "just right". Considering compliance, delivery and today's strict budget requirements, we begin with your vision and deliver reality.

88 years in business have forged and honed our team's expertise in design and fabrication. Blending old world metal craftsmanship with modern CNC machinery and a passion for client satisfaction results in truly spectacular fixtures. TMS Lighting has vertically integrated all our processes to ensure unparalleled flexibility, from modified standard models to "one of a kind" works of art. Seamless communication and efficient R & D and manufacturing collaboration produce rapid timelines for answers and approval drawings, making us one of the premier sources for special projects. The in-house lab and approval department ensure timely UL/CSA/CE compliance and ensure all cost efficiencies are maximized.

To see how easily we can turn dreams into reality, please forward your design to your local TMS Lighting representatives today.

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